Funding programmes

Numerous state and communal funding programmes provide grants to fund the use of sustainable building products (e.g. thermal insulation) with the natureplus certificate, because the use of environmentally-friendly and healthy materials provides added value to the construction project or renovation measure.

Here you can find information on the programmes that offer these financial benefits:

» Funding programmes (Excel)

If you know about a funding programme that is not in the list, please let us know. You will thereby be helping to promote the increased use of natureplus certified products.

Interest rate subsidies

As environmentally-friendly and healthy buildings are regarded as being more valuable, some credit institutes make the award of interest rate subsidies dependent on the use of natureplus certified products.


Documentary proof

In numerous tendering specifications and building certification systems, the natureplus eco-label is recognized as proof of the sustainable characteristics of products (such as being free from biocides and harmful substances, lower emissions, sustainable extraction/sourcing, environmentally-friendly, socially responsible production, recyclable).




  • DGNB

  • NBBW

  • Nawaro Kommunal


  • Klimaaktiv

  • ÖGNB

  • ÖGNI


  • eco-bau


Das Buch vermittelt Grundlagenwissen zu gesundheitsrelevanten Anforderungen an die Innenraumluft und zu Emissionsquellen von Raumluftverunreinigungen.


The ASBP Awards are a new awards programme that will recognise construction projects which exemplify excellence in sustainability.


Baufritz setzt mit der Zertifizierung von Wand-, Decken- und Dachelementen neue Maßstäbe


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