Internationaler Verein für zukunftsfähiges Bauen und Wohnen – natureplus e.V.(International Association for Sustainable Building and Living - natureplus e.V.)

natureplus is the International Association for sustainable building and accommodation with around 100 members in many European countries. The aim of the Association is sustainable development within the building sector.

The Association combines the market experience of traders, the technical competence of building materials users and industry, the scientific expertise of the testing and auditing institutes as well as the participation of environmental and consumer-protection groups and the trades unions. The Association’s structure, in which the interests of the most important groups in the building industry are brought together in a representative and democratic manner even within the board, leads to decisions which enjoy a wide basis of acceptance. The most important instrument for sustainable development within the building sector is the natureplus® seal of quality. The association’s wide membership base and the comprehensive interdisciplinary approach ensure the high integrity of this label. 


The natureplus®- Seal of Quality

natureplus is the international label of quality for sustainable building and accommodation products, tested for health, environmental-friendliness and functionality. The label’s primary aim is to provide consumers as well as architects, tradesmen, building companies and all those involved in construction, with a reliable orientation aid towards sustainable products i.e. environmentally-friendly and not posing any health risks.

The natureplus®-seal of quality embodies health-awareness, environmentally-friendly production, the protection of our limited resources and their suitability of application. Products with this label are made predominantly from renewable/sustainable sources of raw materials.  Demanding test procedures and the highest standards in Europe relating to the health aspects of the chosen materials, guarantee the integrity of the products certified.

The certification criteria are developed on behalf of natureplus by independent experts from testing and standards institutes, environmental and consumer-protection organisations and industry. By uniting the leading non-governmental ecological labels in Europe, natureplus has been able to position itself as a clear leader in the assessment of future-oriented, sustainable building and accommodation related products.

natureplus as a Marketing Instrument

Through strategically planned projects and marketing activities, natureplus has been able to make a decisive contribution in helping building products embodying health-awareness, environmental-friendliness and functional suitability of application - in short,  future-oriented, sustainable building products – to break out their existing niches and to establish themselves in the market.