Bundesverband für Umweltberatung (bfub) e.V.

The Bundesverband für Umweltberatung (bfub) e.V. (Federal Association for Environmental Consulting) has been the professional and environmental policy interest group for the environmental consulting professions in Germany for over 30 years. It represents the interests of its direct members and the affiliated state, regional and specialist associations (such as natureplus), for example in expert hearings and advisory boards. The bfub promotes quality assurance in environmental consultancy and acts as a central service point, forum for networking and exchange of experience, and cooperation and coordination centre for innovative projects. With the implementation and support of - generally funded - projects, bfub e.V. provides practical contributions to climate and environmental protection or environmental and consumer advice in accordance with its mission "From Knowledge to Action". 

bfub and its members are active above all in the thematic fields of environmental, waste, energy and construction consultancy, sustainable procurement, the introduction of relevant environmental and sustainability management systems (ISO 14001/EMAS, ISO 26000/EMASplus), climate and resource protection, environmental and nature education, and the training and further training of multipliers and specialists. 



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