Bremer Umweltinstitut GmbH

Bremer Umweltinstitut  (Environmental institute) GmbH is an independent and accredited analysis and research institute with decades of experience in the field of pollutant investigations. For more than two decades now, our work has focused on consulting, detection, investigation and evaluation of indoor pollutants (building testing) and the testing of textiles, leather and other consumer goods (product testing). 

Further fields of work are the execution of emission tests of building products within the scope of certifications (e.g. natureplus / Blauer Engel) as well as the execution of odour tests. We also carry out offgassing tests for manned space flight (product testing). 

In contrast to individual expert offices, the Bremen Environmental Institute defines itself not only through the expert assessors but also through a number of its own laboratories (including wet chemical laboratories, microbiological laboratory, asbestos laboratory, odour laboratory, emission laboratory), in which the majority of the pollutant tests are carried out in-house. In turn, our laboratory services are also regularly used by several external experts (analysis service division).

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