eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH

Focus on healthy indoor air  

More than 30 years ago, eco-INSTITUT recognised that good indoor air quality is crucial for health and well-being. Today, the independent, owner-managed company is one of the most experienced German laboratories for indoor air analysis. The eco-INSTITUT tests building and furnishing products, furniture, electrical appliances, mattresses and bedding - frequent sources of indoor pollutants - for undesirable chemicals and evaluates the products according to current legal requirements. In addition, the company is an accredited testing laboratory for a large number of voluntary national and international environmental and health labels such as natureplus, Blue Angel or EMICODE® seal. Emission testing is a focus of the eco-INSTITUT. In addition, the company carries out odour measurements and tests products for harmful ingredients such as plasticisers, heavy metals or pesticides.  

The test criteria are regularly updated and published on the eco-INSTITUT label website ( Further information can also be found here. Today, about 300 products from around 130 manufacturers have been awarded the eco-INSTITUT label.


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