Verband Dämmstoffe aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen e.V.

The “Verband Dämmstoffe aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen (vdnr) e.V.” is the voluntary association of companies that produce insulation materials from renewable raw materials such as wood, cellulose, jute, hemp, cork, flax, sheep's wool, reed, sea and meadow grass and straw or systems made from these insulation materials. 

The vdnr e.V. is a technically oriented organisation: it initiates, promotes and accompanies application-oriented research, participates in national and international standardisation, wants to share experience and knowledge through publications and events, and supports politicians, planners, processors and users in technical matters. 

The vdnr e.V. emerged from the former “Verband Holzfaser Dämmstoffe (VHD) e.V.”, which was founded in Munich in 2003. 

In cooperation with the manufacturers of insulation materials made of renewable raw materials, vdnr e.V. has started to compile the construction-physical properties and areas of application of such insulation materials and to publish them in the series “Informationsdienst Holz”. Not least also to reduce still existing prejudices and misinformation about the suitability, processing, and durability of these materials. 

vdnr e.V. is a member of the Association for Insulation Systems, Plaster and Mortar (VDPM) e.V., the European Panel Federation (EPF), natureplus and the Information Association Wood e.V. /


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