Moll bauökologische Produkte GmbH

Pioneer of healthier building

pro clima has stood for healthier building for almost 30 years - even at a time when awareness of harmful substances in building products and indoor air was virtually non-existent.
Over all these years, we have worked together with architects, carpentry and timber construction companies, building material manufacturers and experts in the fields of energy consulting and building physics to develop and implement ideas that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and consistently oriented towards the health and comfort needs of the residents.

- Moisture-variable Hydrosafe high-performance vapour control layers and airtight membranes for interior sealing
- Under-roof and wall formwork membranes with active moisture transport for permanently secure external sealing
- Special adhesives and waterproof tapes (100 years of adhesive strength independently tested and confirmed)
- Sealing sleeves as detailed solutions
- Pollutant-tested system products for the highest demands on healthier building


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