ecological, technical, health, social

The international association natureplus e.V. developed the natureplus eco-label in order to offer consumers and construction professionals in Europe clear selection guidance for products in the building sector.

It attests compliance with high standards of quality for all areas relevant to sustainability.

Currently, the natureplus eco-label has been awarded to over 600 building products in Europe and is recognized across Europe by building specialists, consumers environmental organisations, government bodies and building evaluation systems.

The assessments to verify the requirements are conducted by accredited laboratories and assessors in line with recognized international standards. The natureplus eco-label is the only European environmental label for building products that is founded on strict scientific criteria and it is based on three key pillars:

1. Clean and efficient production:

The manufacture of the building products is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It helps to protect the climate, avoid CO2 emissions and meet social responsibility standards. The products must be functional and recyclable.

2. Protection of the environment and health:

Building products with the natureplus label do not adversely affect the environment or human health through harmful substances and ensure, in particular, healthy indoor living spaces.

3. Sustainability of resources

Only building products made from renewable resources or mineral raw materials that are available in abundance or secondary raw materials are permissible. The raw materials must stem from sustainable sources.

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