Baunativ GmbH & Co. KG

In the Alte Filzfabrik Oschatz we carry our specialist trade for natural insulation materials, clay and lime products, air and wind sealing membranes and their fasteners, products for interior fittings and garden design. An important branch are natural colours, natural resin oils, but also raw materials such as marsh lime or the colour pigments combined in our own line Pelangi. 

Our focus is on sustainable, high-quality, low-emission quality products, including complementary products such as tools, painting accessories or fastening technology. 

In order to keep the CO2 footprint of our products as low as possible, we only order whole semitrailers from the manufacturers that have these quantities in stock. In this way we have not only grown into a regional supplier with a wide range of online and offline offers, but also into an important regional employer and training centre for school leavers. Meanwhile 7 different nations work together in a common team at Baunativ.


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