Research reports

Through scientific studies, natureplus e.V. contributes to the definition of which properties characterise the sustainable quality of building products. It investigates how these properties can be best measured and evaluated and, using this information, how a standard can be defined. It also explores how state-run and private developers and investors can optimize their selection and use of sustainable building products.

The aim of our research is to serve the sole interests of consumers and the environment.

Research collaborations

The objective of the natureplus e.V research collaborations is to tap, together with partners, international scientific potential and thereby influence all the current developments on the sustainable quality of building products.

The research projects are conducted in cooperation with national and international collaborative partners.







Das neue Holzhochhaus mit elf Etagen gehört zu den Prestigeprojekten der Stadt im Elsass.


Unter dem Titel „Mensch – Stadt – Land – Ressourcen: Wie wollen wir in Zukunft leben?“ lädt die FNR zur Konferenz in Berlin ein.


In der Veranstaltungsreihe "Neckargemünder Seminare" geht es am 26. September um die neue Musterbauordnung (MVV TB), ihre Umsetzung in den Ländern und...


Auf der Produktdatenbank sind in den vergangenen Wochen zahlreiche neue Produkte gelistet worden.