ASBP Awards 2022: Longlists announced

The longlists for the ASBP Awards 2022 have now been announced. 26 projects across the categories "Sustainable Building Projects", "Innovative Products" and "Pioneering Initiatives" were selected.

The ASBP Awards 2022, which are supported by natureplus as a sponsor, are the most comprehensive to date. The applicants were judged by members of the ASBP board, representing expertise from across the construction industry, and were assessed according to the association's criteria Six Pillars of Sustainable Construction (e.g. Health & Well-Being, Resource Efficiency, Whol-Life Carbon).

In the category "Sustainable Building Projects", nominations were made for new buildings and retrofits of passive houses, as well as refurbishments of both new and old and listed buildings. Among the seven projects selected in this field, especially the use of sustainable materials was judged positively.

"Innovative products" cover a wide range of creative approaches to making building materials more sustainable. There were seven products nominated - from treated and certified wood products, environmentally friendly housing solutions, to centuries-old natural products and recycled raw materials used as reclaimed and new building materials.

Within the category "forward-looking initiatives", a total of 12 projects were considered for the longlist. These include event series, training courses and encounter sites to raise awareness of topics such as the circular economy, decarbonisation & natural building materials. Besides these, networks and cooperations with the aim of a comprehensive and sustainable change in the building industry were selected. Finally the nominations also include technical solutions capable of simplifying environmental declarations or estimating and reducing the carbon contained in designs.

In January 2022, the longlists will be further narrowed down, with three finalists from each category being invited to present their work at an awards final in London on 17 February 2022.

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