Development of the award guidelines

The Criteria Commission is responsible for the development, harmonisation and further development of the criteria and procedures for the award of the Eco-Label.

The Criteria Commission independently decides upon the award guidelines for the natureplus eco-label. Interested parties are able to participate in these decisions in an appropriate manner, in particular through open hearings.

The the natureplus e.V. Executive Committee, which is composed of members representing all the interested groups, must be informed by the Management within two weeks about the decisions of the Criteria Commission. The Executive Committee has four weeks in which to exercise its veto rights, in which case the decision will be referred back to the Criteria Commission for further deliberations. The Executive Committee also has the right to issue the Commission with work assignments. In addition, the natureplus Management has the right to commission new award guidelines in response to a demand therefor.

» Functional Specification (pdf) (PDF - german)

Interested parties are allowed sufficient time and opportunities to make contributions to the development of the natureplus criteria and to observe how these are contributions are considered. The public consultation phase on the development or revision of the criteria should therefore be scheduled for a minimum of two periods of 30 days each during which the interested parties can submit their comments and objections. natureplus shall ensure that participation in the consultation process is open to all interested parties and shall strive to reach a balance of interests in terms of both the content and with regard to the regions in which the standard is to be applied.

Currently the Criteria Commission is working on the following subjects (PDF)

If you are interested in supporting the work of the Criteria Commission as an external expert and, for example, to become involved in the development of the award guidelines or provide comments, please register your interest here.

» Registration form (PDF)


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