Meeting dates of the Criteria Commission

The work of the Criteria Commission takes place


  • In collective, 2-day conferences (normally once yearly) to discuss strategic and fundamental issues and the respective work plan for the following year

  • In telephone/online meetings to take decisions based on written proposals

  • In working groups of specialists to formulate proposed resolutions

  • In the individual production of texts and expert reports, upon receipt of a respective commission therefor

  • In individual editorial work on text submissions in the online system

Die für den 24. Juni angekündigte natureplus Fachkonferenz „reduce, reuse, recycle – Zukunft Baustoffe“ findet online und im neuen Format statt....


The basic guideline RL5020 "Climate compatibility and energy efficiency" is again released for hearing.


Die Grundlagenrichtlinie RL5020 "Klimaverträglichkeit und Energieeffizienz" wird erneut zur Anhörung freigegeben.


natureplus begrüßt zwei neue Partner in seinem Netzwerk: Den Bundesverband für Umweltberatung e.V. sowie das Holzbau Netzwerk Berlin.