Meeting dates of the Criteria Commission

The work of the Criteria Commission takes place


  • In collective, 2-day conferences (normally once yearly) to discuss strategic and fundamental issues and the respective work plan for the following year

  • In telephone/online meetings to take decisions based on written proposals

  • In working groups of specialists to formulate proposed resolutions

  • In the individual production of texts and expert reports, upon receipt of a respective commission therefor

  • In individual editorial work on text submissions in the online system

In einer Stellungnahme fordert das neu gegründete Bauwende-Bündnis, „Graue Energie“ und „Graue Emissionen“ im Gebäudeenergiegesetz (GEG) zu...


natureplus representative Simon Corbey explained the characteristics of the natureplus label in a workshop.


Die Jahreshauptversammlung (JHV) 2019 findet am 3. und 4. Juni in Wien statt. natureplus ist Partner für das Thema Nachhaltiges Bauen beim...


Solutions and alternative materials to reduce health and environmental risks of plastics are accessible now.