Association structure

The natureplus Association is organised by the Membership Assembly, the Executive Committee as well as various commissions and committees. A general manager, appointed by the executive committee, is responsible for the management of the Association. The headquarters and management of the association are located in Neckargemünd in Germany. Together with its partner organisations, natureplus currently has contact points and contact persons in eight European countries.

Natureplus has more than 85 members (as of February 2019) from the following eight divisions: environmental organisations, trade unions, consumer and health organisations, research, scientific and testing institutes, manufacturers of building products, traders in building products, the building and housing industry and private persons/consumers. The divisions represent the entire range of interest groups and are absolutely equal according to the statutes, regardless of the number of their respective members. The members exercise their rights in the general meeting and elect an eight-member executive board with equal representation.

The criteria of the natureplus eco-label are defined and further developed by the Criteria Commission. It is a body of experts whose composition already reflects various interest groups and regions. The members of the Criteria Commission are appointed by the (equal) Board of Directors. This ensures a fair balance of interests.

The natureplus e.V. Constitution

Download constitution (PDF)


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