Criteria Commission

The Criteria Commission is responsible for the development, harmonisation and further development of the criteria and procedures for the award of the Eco-Label.

The Criteria Commission independently decides upon the award guidelines for the natureplus eco-label. Interested parties are able to participate in these decisions in an appropriate manner, in particular through open hearings.

The the natureplus e.V. Executive Committee, which is composed of members representing all the interested groups, must be informed by the Management within two weeks about the decisions of the Criteria Commission. The Executive Committee has four weeks in which to exercise its veto rights, in which case the decision will be referred back to the Criteria Commission for further deliberations. The Executive Committee also has the right to issue the Commission with work assignments. In addition, the natureplus Management has the right to commission new award guidelines in response to a demand therefor.

As a rule, the Criteria Commission is composed of 10 full-members as well as a chairperson. The Executive Committee elects the members of the Criteria Commission for a period of three years. The Executive Committee may also elect associated members with advisory functions. In addition, the Executive Committee will select a Commission chairperson who is primarily involved in coordination tasks. Participation on the Commission is on a voluntary basis.

Only full-members of the Criteria Commission, including the chairperson, are eligible to take decisions and in cases of doubt the chairperson’s vote is decisive. Decisions can be taken in meetings or by voting online, as long as the majority of those eligible to vote participate. Whenever possible, decisions should be made in consensus. To pass decisions, a qualified majority of 70% of the votes, including that of the chairperson, is required.

The composition of the Criteria Commission should reflect the multi-stakeholder approach that also characterises the composition of the Association with its various sectors. The Commission should be represented by and embody the market experience and technical competence of the commercial sector, the building materials users and the industry, the scientific qualifications of the participating test/assessment institutes, the interest of specialists in investigating and clarifying issues, the social and environmental engagement of consumer and environmental protection bodies and also the Trades Unions. Apart from being elected to the Criteria Commission, participation by the various interest groups can also be exercised through involvement in working groups or in hearings.

Furthermore, if possible, all of the countries in which natureplus is active should be represented on this Commission in order that the various building cultures and legal regulations should be taken into account in the decisions made. In order that all members can participate fully, the meeting language is English. The prerequisites for appointment to the Commission are the membership within natureplus e.V. of the organisation represented, specialist competence and commitment to the above stated aims. 

Criteria Commission


Hildegund Figl

IBO – Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH

Vorstand IBO, Strategie „Materialökologie“, Forschungsprojekte, gewerberechtliche Geschäftsführerin baubook



Andreas Stache

Berufsverband Deutscher Baubiologen VDB e.V.

VDB Vorstandsmitglied, VDB-zertifizierter Sachverständiger für Baubiologie


Astrid Scharnhorst

IBO – Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH

IBO Abteilungsleiterin “Materialökologie - Produktprüfung“



Heinz Amolsch

nawaRo Consultant



Holger Struwe


Ökologische Produktprüfung



Martin Duve

natureplus Institute / Indikator GmbH 

Geschäftsführender Vorstand


Michael Köhler

Bremer Umweltinstitut GmbH 

Sachverständiger für Innenraumschadstoffe



Mieke Vandenbroucke

VIBE - Vlaams Instituut voor. Bio-Ecologisch Bouwen en Wonen

LCA, Gebäudematerialien


Mihaela Dimonu


Bereich Bioarchitektur / Textilien / Ökotourismus / Biokraftstoffe /

Ökologisches Bauen


Rolf Buschmann

Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND)

Technischer Umweltschutz (Abfall, Ressourcen und Immissionsschutz)


Vanessa Laumann

eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH

Schwerpunkt Matratzen, Bettwaren und Möbel




Bosco Büeler


Baubiologie, Ökologie



Gary Newman

The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Bauingineur, Erfahrung in der Entwicklung, Herstellung und Vermarktung von Naturfaser-Geotextilien und Naturdämmstoffen, Direktor von Plant Fibre Technology Ltd.



Pierluigi Locchi

Agence Praevisio

Manager der Kommunikationsagentur Praevisio



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