Our Team


Ilka Voß

Project development and training

Ilka Voß is an architect. Since1995, she has been involved in the areas of construction supervision and the control of large construction projects. She has worked together with architects such as Sauerbruch Hutton, Léon Wohlhage Wernik, Barkow Leibinger and ap88, among others. Together with the Management, she is responsible for project development, research, marketing, lobbying, training, event organisation and also in the fields of regional networks and public relations.

[E] voss(at)natureplus.org
[T] +49 (0)6223 - 86601727

Tilmann Kramolisch

Communication, Management Assistant

Tilmann Kramolisch is responsible for communication and cooperation of the natureplus association. As management assistant he coordinates the European national representations and contact points of natureplus. The economist and political scientist is also jointly responsible for association and public relations work. Tilmann Kramolisch is the contact person for natureplus members and for all those who want to get involved in ecological building and sustainable building products.

[E] kramolisch(at)natureplus.org
[T] +49 (0)6223 - 86601726

Nicolas Felix Masing

Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Nicolas Felix Masing is responsible for marketing and communication at the natureplus office in Neckargemünd. The political and social scientist is jointly responsible for the public relations work of natureplus e.V. and manages the natureplus homepage, the newsletter, the presence of natureplus on social media platforms and the evaluation of media data.

[E] masing(at)natureplus.org
[T] +49 (0)6223 – 86601728

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