Change in the management

With the new year Tilmann Kramolisch takes over the position of managing director from Thomas Schmitz.

Tilmann Kramolisch (photo private)

At the end of 2019, Thomas Schmitz will leave the management of natureplus e.V. at his own request for reasons of age. In a statement, the executive board pays tribute to the merits of Schmitz, who has held this function since the founding of the association in 2001 and has played a major role in shaping and building up the association, its certification mark and the new natureplus Institute cooperative. Thomas Schmitz will continue to serve natureplus in an advisory role, will be involved in the public relations work and customer service of natureplus and will also continue his work in various committees within and outside the association and the institute. 

His successor comes from the own ranks: By resolution of the Executive Board, Tilmann Kramolisch is appointed Managing Director of natureplus e.V. with effect from 1 January 2020. He will be assisted by the Chairman of the Board, Rolf Buschmann, who advises Kramolisch primarily on strategic issues and in return significantly reduces his main activity with the environmental organisation BUND.

Tilmann Kramolisch, born 1986 in Heidelberg, political scientist and economist, has been working as assistant to the management in the head office since October 2018. During this time, he quickly familiarised himself with the complex subject matter and is already known to the active members from several meetings. He has built up the "Bauwende-Bündnis" on his own responsibility and has proven himself in many ways through his cooperative working style. Mr. Kramolisch speaks fluent English and Spanish and is already involved in the international dissemination of the natureplus philosophy. 

In a letter to the members and customers of natureplus e.V., Thomas Schmitz expressed his relief that "we have found in our ranks a young, committed successor with great development potential". In this letter he thanks for the long-lasting trust in his work and hopes that the same trust will be placed in his successor.

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