natureplus at the Futurebuild 2019 in London

natureplus representative Simon Corbey explained the characteristics of the natureplus label in a workshop.

The natureplus related participants of the materials workshop: Simon Corbey (third from the left), Henning Bloech (fourth) and Frank Kuebart from ECO-Institute (sixth).

The Futurebuild is one of the largest events for ecological design, sustainable construction and enviromental protection and takes place every year. Exhibitors represent the complete spectrum of sustainable construction products, for new build and refurbishment, residential and commercial projects.

Visitors can take part in free conference and seminar sessions and get hands-on experience at interactive attractions. The Futurebuild 2019 took place from Tuesday, 05. March to Thursday, 07. March in London.

Workshop about materials

Simon Corbey from the British natureplus partner ASBP took part in the "materials" workshop as natureplus representative. He explained the characteristics of the natureplus label compared to other labels.

In two half-day sessions, material procurement and specification were discussed: The contractor and owner perspectives were discussed as well as building assessment systems and certification bodies, industrial cooperations and synergies.

Various synergies that currently exist in the industry were explained, projects that should facilitate the way to global recognition of certifications, and the challenges of transnational industrial communication. This was followed by a moderated discussion between key representatives of product certification systems and building certifiers. It was all about the opportunities for improved communication with the industry, which is critical for both manufacturers and project teams.

Henning Bloech and Frank Kuebart, who collaborate with natureplus, also took part in the materials workshop. Although the workshop was not so well attended, Corbey drew a very positive conclusion because the discussions have been very fruitful.

The results and all other information about the Futurebuild 2019 can be downloaded from the website.

Jahreshauptversammlung des natureplus e.V. in Wien.


Die Jahrestagung von natureplus fand 2019 im Kontext der WKO-Konferenz „Future of Building“ in Wien statt.


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