New country representatives

Recently, new natureplus national representations were established in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

After signing the contract: Thomas Schmitz (natureplus Manager), Sissy Verspeek & Fred van der Burgh (Agrodome), Dr. Rolf Buschmann (natureplus President). f.l.t.r.

After signing the contract: Thomas Schmitz (natureplus Manager), Bosco Büeler (natureplus Vice President), Jörg Watter (President Baubioswiss), Dr. Rolf Buschmann (natureplus President). f.l.t.r. Photos: natureplus

Since the beginning of 2019, natureplus has pursued a new policy with regard to its national representations. Earlier cooperations in this field were primarily aimed at acquiring new customers in the respective countries. This proved to be difficult as long as our eco-label was little known in these countries. Now it is the most important goal of our country representatives to draw more attention to natureplus, to establish cooperations and to recruit new members and to anchor the natureplus label in public procurement and among building professionals in the respective country as an instrument for sustainable building.

With this new concept, natureplus was able to put its long-standing partnership with IBO Austria and ASBP UK on a new footing at the beginning of the year. In the middle of the year, two new national representations will be added: We have renewed the contract with our long-standing national partner Baubioswiss for Switzerland. And with our long-standing member Stichting Agrodome, we have opened a completely new national representation in the Netherlands.

Agrodome is well networked in numerous projects in the Netherlands and offers the Dutch market comprehensive information on all aspects of ecological and bio-based construction. Agrodome is an exhibitor at the ICDUBO Information Centre for Sustainable Building in Rotterdam and will also be presenting natureplus there in the future.

In addition to these 4 official representatives in Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the Netherlands, we also have established contacts in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy and soon in other countries. However, the opening of an official representative office in these countries is not expected until next year.

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