Certification procedure

Manufacturers can apply to the natureplus institute SCE for certification by providing exact data on the input components and a detailed description of the production process. Based on the requirements of the natureplus award guidelines, the natureplus institute SCE will decide upon the eligibility of the product for admission to the certification procedure and will define an assessment plan. On this basis, the manufacturer will commission the necessary assessments, which, as a rule, include the following factors:

• Inspection of the production site(s) with verification of the manufacturer's details and sampling

• Life cycle assessment of the manufacturing process in compliance with guideline values, e.g. for primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions

• Product-specific laboratory tests, e.g. for VOC and formaldehyde emissions, heavy metals, biocides and impurities with harmful substances

• Analysis of the product life cycle with regard to environmentally compatible resource extraction, social responsibility and possible recycling.

If all requirements are met, the natureplus institute SCE makes the award decision for the natureplus label and the natureplus office issues a temporary certificate. The tests must be renewed at fixed intervals.

The costs depend on the amount of testing required and can be found at www.natureplus-institute.eu . Licence fees are charged for the use of the natureplus label.

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